Marion recruiter will not face charges

After filing a police report against an Army recruiter from Marion, charges will not be filed against Corporal Michael Miller due to a lack of evidence.  27-year-old Forrest Beard said that Miller held him against his will in an Army car in the Kohl’s parking lot on July 21st.  Beard also claims that Miller wanted to cut his throat or break his neck for having to work on a Saturday.

New Media and Communication building to bear Letterman's name

After many attempts to have a building or structure on the campus of Ball State University with his name on it, David Letterman finally got his wish.  The new Communication and Media Building will be named after him.  The announcement was made yesterday at the school’s downtown Indianapolis center with Letterman’s mother Dorothy in attendance.

Tyler asks for deadline extension

State Representative Dennis Tyler has asked for the governor’s administration to extend the deadline for homeowners to file for homestead credits and other property tax deductions.  Tyler says that state and local officials need to join together to provide homeowners relief from tax bills that many cannot afford to pay.

Eaton teenager faces burglary charges

An Eaton teenager charged with burglary has received a December 12th trial date in Delaware Circuit Court three.  Authorities say 18-year-old Kris Selvey broke into a home on South Fort Wayne Street in May.  If convicted, Selvey could face up to 10 years in prison on the Class B felony charge.

Texas man arrested for ex-Muncie residents' death

A Texas man accused of killing a former Muncie resident was arrested in Mexico. 22-year-old Jesus Enrique Maya has been charged with murder in the death of 40-year-old Michael Gregory Johnston. Authorities say they found Johnston’s body between two buildings in Austin, Texas and that he was strangled to death. Johnston was a graduate of Muncie Northside High School and Ball State University.

Barnet rejects more plea agreements

Judge Robert Barnet, Jr. has rejected two more proposed plea agreements in criminal cases.  The Delaware Circuit Court three judge did not accept a deal between prosecutors and Thelma Sollars, as well as Josh Thurston.  Barnet has rejected at least two other plea agreements over the last month.

Senior citizen earns Eagle Scout at 88

An 88-year-old Florida man was honored Saturday as an Eagle Scout.  Walter Hart says he first earned the rank more than fifty years ago, but was unable to acquire the status because of his service in World War II.  Boy Scout officials say he could be the oldest person to ever earn the honor.

Louisiana ATM gives out $20's instead of $5's

26 people in Louisiana could face charges for taking too much money from an ATM in late June and early July.  But that’s because the machine was giving out 20-dollar bills instead of five-dollar bills.  Authorities say records show who took the extra seven-thousand that was given away by the machine and they plan on tracking them down.

Trial delayed until 2009

The two men accused of slaying an Indianapolis family of seven last year, will not go to trial until 2009.  A new schedule was approved by a Marion County Judge on Friday because he feels attorneys for both sides need more time to prepare their depositions.  James Stewart and Desmond Turner were both accused in the failed robbery and fatal shootings of an Indianapolis family last June that included three children.