Mansfield Continues His Quest for Special Election in Precinct 46

Democrat James Mansfield is not giving up in the battle for mayor. Mansfield announced Tuesday that he would ask the Indiana Court of Appeals to review an election deadline he believed was unconstitutional. A favorable ruling by the appeals court could help Mansfield win a special election in Precinct 46, where a problem with absentee ballots cost him the election.

Mount Pleasant Township Schools Cited for Improper Spending by SBA

Mount Pleasant Township Community Schools spent more than $42,000 than is allowed for travel and to promote its school system, according to an audit recently released by the State Board of Accounts. According to the report, over $55,000 was spent out of the school promotion account between July 1, 2005, and June 30, 2007. The maximum a school district can spend on promotion during a budget year is $3,000. The bulk of the fund was paid to Harmony Publishing for a newsletter and postage at a cost of $38,000.

Selma Man Arrested on Marijuana Growing Charges

Indiana State Police and Muncie-Delaware County Drug Task Force officers arrested a Delaware County man for growing marijuana at his home. The arrest took place Tuesday night. Eddie Dean Blevins Jr. of Selma, was preliminarily charged with cultivating more than 30 grams of marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance, both carrying standard 18-month prison terms.

Complaint Filed Over Campaign Mailer

A campaign mailer from County Commissioner John Brooke has ignited a political controversy within the Delaware County Democratic Party. The Brooke mailer, dated April 10, included an official application for an absentee voter ballot, along with a return envelope pre-addressed to the Delaware County clerk’s office, and a cover letter explaining step-by-step how to fill out the application. On Friday, Mary Jo Barton, Democratic committee woman for Precinct 14 and a city council member, filed a formal complaint against Brooke with the Delaware County Election Board.

Muncie Police Officer May be Fired as Result of Incident

A Muncie police officer accused of criminal mischief by her ex-husband’s girlfriend could lose her job as a result of facing disciplinary action for the second time in six months.  Police Chief Deborah Davis recommended Monday that the Muncie Police Merit Commission fire Jaime L. Howell. She has been on paid leave since April 7, when she went to the apartment of her ex-husband, Rick Howell, also a Muncie police officer, to drop off their children. Police were dispatched to that apartment on White River Boulevard, after receiving a report that Howell threw rocks at the car of her ex-husband’s girlfriend, Diana Welch. They say she also damaged the door of his apartment.

Muncie Man Fights Off Bandits in Parking Lot

A Muncie man told police he fought off an attack by knife-wielding bandits late Sunday in an eastside parking lot. Officers were called to the scene of the would-be robbery — in the parking lot of the Marsh store at 1800 S. Burlington Drive — shortly before 11 p.m. The victim, Kyle Armstrong, said he was going to work when two men jumped him.

Muncie Couple Wins $50K From Lottery Scratch Off Ticket

Darrell Toborg and his wife, Danyell, are $50,000 richer after claiming winnings on the $500,000 Riches scratch-off game, the Hoosier Lottery announced Monday. He bought the winning ticket at Hoosier Pete, 2535 S. Hoyt Ave., last week. The couple told Lottery officials they intended to put their winnings in the bank and invest it.

Alexandria Patrolman Promoted

Patrolman Shawn Wilhoite was promoted to patrolman 2nd class during Monday’s meeting of the Alexandria Board of Public Works and Safety. He has only served the Police Department for six months but spent three years as a reserve officer before becoming a full-time employee of the city.