ISP Pendleton Warns Of Phone Scam

Indiana State Police in the Pendleton District are receiving reports from citizens who have received threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS in an attempt to steal your identity. ISP reminds you that government agencies like the IRS will NEVER contact you by phone or email and ask you to “verify” your personal information.

Man seen doing cartwheels, drunk, arrested in Henry County

A Knightstown man was arrested after he allegedly was seen doing cartwheels near I-70 and Indiana 109 on Sunday morning. 27-year-old Jordan Robert Bailey was arrested at a nearby convenience store. Police say he was intoxicated and spit in an officer’s face during his arrest. Bailey was charged with felony battery and misdemeanor charges. He’s being held in the Henry County Jail.

Middle schooler’s parents charged with neglect over missed school

Three parents of Southside middle school students are being charged with felony neglect of a dependent because their kids poor school attendance during the first semester of the school year.

Tommy Langham, Jr., Roberta Williamson and Misty Ann Wilson will all receive citations to appear in court and will not be arrested. The charge carries a prison sentence up to 30 months. Chief deputy prosecutor Judy Calhoun won’t say how many days the students missed, but takes into consideration their school performance and the parents response to their absences.

Powerball drawing for $450 M tonight

The $450 million Dollar Powerball jackpot drawing will be tonight. If the winner decides on a one time payout, the winner will get a check for $275 million. No one has won the grand prize since November 17, 2015. The drawings are held twice a week.

Yorktown restaurant fire was arson

In Yorktown, Fire Chief David Boone says the fire at the former location of El Rancho Poblano on W. Smith St. was intentionally set. The State Fire Marshal’s office continues to investigate, and says there were no utilities connected to the building at the time of the fire. Town officials say they want to have the structure demolished as soon as possible. The fire department is offering a reward for anyone with information about the fire, up to a $5000 cash reward.

New Gun Measures Sent To Indiana Statehouse

While President Obama is using executive powers to tighten gun laws, a new measure sent to the Indiana Statehouse would no longer require a license to carry a handgun in the Hoosier State. Representative Jim Lucas of Seymour introduced House Bill 1056 Tuesday, along with another bill to prohibit state agencies and universities from regulating firearms in their buildings or on their property.

$450 Million In Tonight’s Powerball Drawing

Someone could take home $450 million in tonight’s Powerball drawing. It’s the largest since February of last year. Indiana still leads the nation so far with 38 Powerball jackpot wins. Hoosier Lottery Spokesman Jerry Grider says the lottery is good for Indiana. He says in fiscal year 2013, the Hoosier Lottery contributed $164.5 million to the Build Indiana Fund.

Victim Says One Suspect Has “Tattoo Of Hitler” On Forehead

Police are searching for three armed robbery suspects who robbed an Elwood man after they met with him to buy tools. The man told investigators that the three men hit him in the head with a club and stole about $1,000 worth of construction tools and his cell phone. One of the perpetrators should be easy to locate. The victim says the man had a tattoo of Hitler on his forehead.