Felon with gun arrested in Muncie

A convicted felon from rural Muncie was arrested for having a gun. 40-year-old David Shoemaker was arrested and remained in Delaware County jail yesterday with a $5,000 bond. He was arrested during a traffic stop after this girlfriend was pulled over for speeding. He told police he had a gun and it belonged to his mother. He’s charged with carrying a handgun without a license.

Muncie man arrested for beating girlfriend

Police arrested a Muncie man after his girlfriend said he beat her, threatened and spit on her. The man is 34-year-old Cainman Lopilato, now charged with strangulation, domestic battery and interference with the reporting of a crime. Lopilato’s alleged victim described a violent altercation and officers report the woman had visibile signs of being beaten. He has previous convictions for drugs and driving three times while suspended. He has been released from the Delaware County jail.

Anderson man to claim self defense in fatal stabbing

An Anderson man will go on trial next month for fatally stabbing a man he allegedly found having sex with the man’s ex-wife, then kidnapped his family and headed to Minnesota las summer. The man is 25-year-old Mark Emerson. He’s reportedly planning to argue self-defense, according to a notice filed this week in Madison Circuit Court. The victim, 25-year-old Cody Gay, was from Indianapolis. His body was found wrapped in a quilt in the basement of the home the Emerson’s rented. Emerson had a protection order against him by his ex-wife after an incident last April where he was charged with domestic battery, felony criminal confinement, intimidation and strangulation.

Admitted gang member gets suspended sentence in credit card fraud

The first of five defendants accused of taking more than $60,000 at two casinos by using stolen credit cards received a suspended sentence. The man from Floosmoor, Illinois, 25-year-old Timothy Smith, took a plea deal that keeps him out of prison if he doesn’t get into more legal trouble and keeps up with the terms of his probation. Smith told the court before sentencing he was trying to get out of Chicago, life was dangerous and he was involved in gangs when he tried to get out. The prosecutor said the man used stolen credit card numbers to get cash advances at two casinos in Anderson and Shelbyville.

Ball State former QB comes back as head coach

Former Ball State Quarterback Mike Neu has been named the Cardinals’ 17th head football coach. The Indianapolis native spent the last two seasons as quarterbacks coach with the New Orleans Saints. Neu was a four-year starter for Ball State and led the team to a Mid-American Conference Championship in 1993. He was named the league’s MVP and has went on to have an impressive career. He’s also a member of the Ball State Athletics Hall of Fame.

Proposed bill gives police discretion to release videos

The latest turn in the police body controversy is a new Indiana bill, backed by former sheriff of Blackford County and now State Representative Kevin Mahan. He wants to give police departments the right to either release or not release police body camera videos to the public. He said he wants the police to have the sole discretion, and it should be used as an exoneration tool, not an accountability tool. Opponents say the bill gives “law enforcement all the incentive to deny access to video and gives the public all the disincentive to fight for the ability to see how an officer actually acted in a controversial incident,” says Steve Key, whose organization represents more than 160 Indiana newspapers.

Powerball: Saturday will be largest jackpot ever

No one picked the Powerball numbers on Wednesday night, though be sure to check your tickets for other winning combinations. The jackpot for Saturday night’s drawing is expected to be around $700,000 million. And as we love to do, we’re checking the odds. You are more likely to become President of the United States than win, but regardless, good luck.

Teen gets prison in summer rape case

In Portland, a 17-year-old boy convicted of rape will spend two years in prison. Izaha Baker was charged in August for an assault on June first last year. He plead guilty in December after a plea deal with prosecutors. The judge accepted the deal which suspended seven years of the original nine-year sentence. Instead, Baker will be on probation for those seven years after release. He’s been transferred to the state Department of Correction’s reception diagnostic center.

Heroin suspect hurt in jump from jail railing

The Delaware Sheriff’s Department says a suspect who’d rather spend time in the hospital than in jail jumped off a second-story landing in his cell block, landing hard on the concrete below. The man, 23-year-old Jesse Springman was taken to the hospital for treatment of a spine fracture, but won’t stay for long. He’s being returned to jail and will be in a “controlled cell” where he can be closely monitored. Springman was in jail on charges of dealing heroin. His home was raided Tuesday after he allegedly sold the trug to a police informant. His bond is $50,000. He was put on probation for three years for dealing heroin last month.