Anderson city leaders to talk new CATS terminal

In Anderson, the new City Council will meet in executive session Tuesday night to get discuss possible sites for a new bus terminal. Newly-elected Mayor Thomas Broderick, Jr. waid he wants to finalize a site for the new CATS bus terminal next month. The federal government will provide $3M for the project, but construction must be moving forward by July first.

Bill proposes grant to help build grocery stores in food deserts

Senators are considering a grant fund to encourage grocery stores to fill the gap in Indiana food deserts. A Senate committee has recommended setting aside a million dollars to help stores open in underserved areas, or buy equipment to allow them to stock fresh fruits and vegetables. The bill defines a food desert as a five-mile area where 90-percent or more of the available food options are processed foods, not fresh. Last year, a 15-million-dollar grant fund was proposed but died in the Appropriations Committee. The bill’s sponsor is hoping the scaled-down version can make it to the Senate floor.

Fort Wayne man shot by police

A police action shooting in Fort Wayne has left a man injured. Police say that they were investigating a report of a stolen car on Saturday morning when they got a call that led them to a nearby home. As they arrived at the home a man noticed them and began running away. During a foot pursuit, officers noticed the man had a gun on him. When he refused to drop the weapon, officers fired, striking him in the knee. The suspect is being treated in a hospital and is listed in good condition.

Indiana bill to protect referees

An Indiana lawmaker wants a law to protect referees. A Pennsylvania teacher and coach remain on leave after video appeared showing him head-butting a referee over the weekend. Senator Ron Alting is pushing a measure to help protect all refs in the state of Indiana. The bill would make battery on a sports official a Class A misdemeanor–punishable with at least a year behind bars and 5-thousand dollars in fines. He says high school refs have personally asked him for better protection, as these types of incidents are becoming much too common.

Daleville building demolished

The old Stewart’s Furniture Store in Daleville is gone. Demolition over the weekend brought the 124-year-old building down and town officials want to get the site cleared and ready for future development. The corner lot building began as a hotel in 1892, then a dry good store in the early 1900s, and a furniture store ran by the Stewart family. The town acquired the property from the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission, which bought the buildings last year.

David Letterman donates set, Emmys to Ball State

For those wondering where David Letterman’s Late Night set is going, perhaps to the Smithsonian, or the dump, the Ball State graduate has donated it back to his alma mater. Letterman is sending the props, sets and other historic collectibles, including his Emmys. It’ll be installed in the David Letterman Experience at the Letterman Building on campus.

ALL Lottery

The Powerball jackpot has surpassed $1B dollars, after the numbers failed to be chosed on Saturday. Two players did win two million dollars, one in Connecticut and one in Texas. 25 players won a measley $1 million dollar prize, including in Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut. Last October, Powerball officials say they changed the game’s matrix, making it more likely to win any prize from 1 in 32 to 1 in 25. And with that, the chances of winning the biggest prize was reduced from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. In this Wednesday’s drawing, if a sole winner takes a lump sum payment, it’ll be a check for $806 million dollars.

Muncie jail jumper’s alleged accomplice arrested

An Eaton man has been arrested for his role in alleged drug dealings that led to a Muncie man’s arrest. Michael Beall is the 26-year-old driver who police picked up during the arrest of John Jesse Springman, who’s now in custody and charged with selling heroin. Beall is in Delaware County jail with a $15,000 bail. Springman, you may remember, jumped from a second-story stairwell in an attempt to go to the hospital. He was treated for a spine injury and returned to jail last week.

Muncie man arrested for selling fake heroin to cops

Muncie police have arrested a man for selling them heroin, though it turned out not to be. 21-year-old John Swafford, Jr. is being held in Delaware County jail under a $5,000 bond. He’s charged with dealing in a lookalike substance, a level five felony that could get him six years in prison. The man has no previous convictions.