IU freshman arrested for burglary, conterfeit money

An Indiana University freshman was arrested by police after he was accused of burglarizing 11 dorm rooms and stealing from four cars.  IU police say 18-year-old Ryan Mason was found with several stolen wallets Sunday.  Mason is also being investigated by the Secret Service because counterfeit money was found in his room by investigators.

Congress fails to override Bush's veto

An effort by Congress to override President Bush’s veto of legislation to withdraw U.S. from Iraq failed on Wednesday.  The defeat spurred talks on a new measure to fund the conflict.  The House vote was 62 votes short of the two-thirds majority need to override a presidential veto.  The president remains confident an agreement will […]

Lafayette man drives through house in Dayton

A Lafayette man was found nearly a quarter-mile from a house he drove through in Dayton, Indiana Tuesday afternoon.  49-year-old Kevin Marsell had a blood alcohol content of .05 percent at the time of the crash and was listed in serious condition at Home Hospital in Lafayette late Tuesday.  Authorities in Tippecanoe County believe a […]

Plea bargain reached in Pike County slayings

Authorities in Pike County say a man who killed three and injured another in a cornfield last year could escape the death penalty.  23-year-old Nicholas Harbison will appear in court May 24th where a judge will determine if his plea agreement with prosecutors will be accepted or not.  Harbison’s defense attorney says he would serve […]

Purdue Research Foundation licenses new technology

A new technology was licensed by the Purdue Research foundation Wednesday.  The San Diego-based Pax-Vax Incorporation was authorized to mass produce a possible bird flu vaccine.  The new technology would carry an extra gene related to the influenza virus to produce a protein in host cells and trigger an immune response against the bird flu.  […]

Coroner training bill awaits Governor's signature

A bill to require state coroners to have training was sent to Governor Daniels yesterday for approval.  The law also outlines different ways to identify a dead person.  An identity mix-up involving two Taylor University students last year in a fatal crash on I-69 led to the creation of the bill.

State Police offer tips aginst gas theft

The Indiana State Police is offering prevention tips to deter the stealing of fuel.  A press release from the I-S-P indicates gas thefts are on the rise nationally with the recent spike in fuel cost. Station owners are urged to use pay-at-the-pump or pre-payment methods, as well as using working surveillance systems to deter thieves.

Former employee accused of accessing restricted data

A former Grant County Assessor’s office employee is accused of accessing restricted computer information.  Court records state a search warrant was issued April 24th to access the office’s server, as well as computer and media equipment in James Cramer’s work space, and all storage devices within the office.  Cramer denies any knowledge of personal files […]