State Secretary Rokita apoligizes for comments

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is asking for forgiveness from black lawmakers.  The plea comes after Rokita made comments evoking images of slavery in describing black voting trends in southern Indiana last week.  State representative William Crawford says Rokita’s comments were equal to calling blacks ‘ignorant, uninformed and compelled to vote democratic.’ Rokita says […]

Veteran Kroger employee shot outside store

An employee for Kroger for more than 30 years was fatally shot outside the store he worked at Monday morning.  58-year-old Wendall Anderson was shot in the chest in the store parking lot on the southwest side of Indianapolis just after 5 a.m. Monday morning Police are looking for a white four-door car with license […]

Judge denies request for dismissal against former police officer

Attorneys representing former Ball State University rookie police officer Robert Duplain were denied a motion for summary judgment again.  U.S. District Court Judge Richard Young says a ‘reasonable jury’ could conclude Duplain did use unreasonable deadly force in the shooting death of Michael McKinney in 2003.  This was the third time Duplain has been denied […]

Shooter in massacre at Virginia Tech was a student

The identity of a man who shot and killed 33 people Monday morning, on the campus of Virginia tech is now known. ABC news’ Aaron Kartuski says a student of Asian descent lived in the dorm where the first shooting took place.  Authorities say the shooting spree began at a dorm around 7:15 a.m. and […]

Fruit crops hampered by cold weather

Recent bad weather across the state is likely to hamper Indiana fruit crops. Purdue Horticulture Professor Bruce Bordelon says state estimates on peach crops is near a 100 percent loss. Bordelon says the warm weather in March caused buds on plants to bloom early, only to be ruined by the cold weather over the last […]

City of Muncie: Mow your yard, or pay fees

Not mowing your yard this year means you might have to pay some hefty administrative fees.  Starting today, the City of Muncie is taking complaints about residents who let their grass or weeds grow more than 12 inches high.  Under the city’s weed control law, property owners could pay anywhere from forty to one-hundred dollars […]

Four arrested, three charged in double murder

Four men were arrested in connection with a double murder in Carmel, earlier this month.  Three of the men were charged with murder, including 30-year-old Toby Payne, the estranged husband of 32-year-old Rebecca Payne.  Also arrested were two men from Frankfort and one from Zionsville.  They will have their preliminary hearing later today

'Paths to Quality' to go state wide in 2008

A Fort Wayne based program to help parents find quality child care will now go state wide.  The Family and Social Services Administration, along with their Bureau of Child Care, announced last week the “Paths to Quality” program is now offered in 17 counties.  The program is designed around child care accessibility, affordability and quality.  […]