Grant County Property Assessments Up $48 Million

Grant County’s property is worth $48 million more this year than last year, the first increase in the values in three years, according to data from the state.  The $2.24 billion assessed valuation – the total worth of all taxable property in the county – was the one bit of good news delivered last week […]

Grant County's Bethlehem Road Project Still Underway

Construction work on Grant County’s Bethlehem Road that has taken almost six months longer than expected to complete.   However, the project should be finished within the next two months, said Grant County Highway Superintendent David White.  Roadwork was originally expected to be completed this past winter, but was delayed after Vectren laid a gas line […]

Woman sues over Armed & Famous raid

A Muncie woman has filed suit over a home raid filmed for the CBS reality TV show Armed & Famous. The reality program, filmed in Muncie over the 2006-2007 winter months, showcased celebrities training and joining the ranks of the Muncie Police Department as reservists. In the lawsuit, Lyndsay Clements alleges that celebrity officer Jack […]

MHA cuts cost to head off expected losses

The Muncie Housing Authority could be losing upwards of $200,000. The Authority reported it became aware of the potential loss last winter as up to 20 percent of the $1.4 million federal funds used to subsidize operations may be reduced. The Authority operates Gillespie Tower, Earthstone Terrace, Southern Pines and Parkview public housing complexes. With […]

Mayor hits the road

The Anderson traveling City Hall sessions resume tonight at the Miami Room at the Anderson Public Library. Mayor Kevin Smith says the sessions are an extension of sessions typically only occurring within City Hall chambers. Tonight’s session continues a series of moving City Hall business into the open around the community. Library officials believe their […]

Aviation board violates open-door law

The Board of Aviation Commissioners in Anderson needed two hours to break a law. It happened Thursday when a meeting scheduled to begin at 5 PM was postponed without proper public notice until 7 PM. Under Indiana’s open-door law, public notice must be given within 48 hours of any meeting time or venue change. Rather […]

CDC investigates Creutzfeldt-Jakob deaths

State health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have been alerted after four deaths in Northeastern Indiana hospitals have been linked to the rare brain disorder Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Also known as CJD, the incurable disease rapidly attacks brain function and leads to death. Officials believe the CJD cases are from a classic form […]

IU computer concerns

Indiana University officials have scrambled the passwords of 664 computer users, most of them students, after those users’ names and passwords were discovered on a computer involved in an FBI investigation. There’s no word on the facts of the FBI case, but what is known is that IU officials hope to provide security to users […]