Teenager to face murder charges in shooting death

An Indianapolis teenager will face murder charges.  A public defender was appointed to represent 14-year-old Robert Woods, Jr. In the shooting death of 39-year-old Herbert Patton.  Police say Woods shot Patton after the two got into an argument over the cost of repairs on a van.  Woods is the youngest person in Marion County to […]

Investigation continues in New Castle church fire

State Fire Marshal Roger Johnson says a fire at a historic New Castle church is being treated as a criminal act. The investigation will be led by his office, as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and local officials.  A full investigation of the fire will proceed after approximately four feet of […]

City of Marion to residents: Dump trash legally or be fined

Marion residents could face fines if they have their trash removed illegally.  Building inspector Joe Moore says city officials in Marion have noticed residents paying people to take their trash, but the garbage is then disposed improperly.  Those caught dumping garbage illegally could face a twenty-five-hundred dollar fine and be in violation of the city’s […]

Coroners without training won't be paid

A new law will require elected coroners to be trained.  Otherwise, they will not get paid.  Under a bill passed in the state house Monday, coroners will be required to determine the identity of a deceased person by fingerprints, DNA, dental records, or by an immediate family member.  The bill will return to the Senate […]

Teenager stops runaway horse carriages

A 19-year-old is being credited with stopping a runaway carriage struck by an alleged drunk driver in downtown Indianapolis.  Police say 46-year-old Timothy Carlson struck the carriage around 5 p.m. Sunday and caused the carriage driver to be thrown from the seat and startled several horses. Police say William Balser then chased down the spooked […]

Senate Republicans: House Democrats should support lease

Senate Republicans want House Democrats to give serious thought to Governor Daniel’s proposed lease of the Hoosier Lottery.  The anticipated money from the lease would be $60 million per year over the next 10 years in the senate version of the bill.  However, the law has never reached a hearing in the House and House […]