GOP Senator says Bush might consider troop pull-out

A conservative Republican senator said Sunday that most lawmakers think President Bush will focus on reducing the Number of U.S. troops in Iraq.  However, that won’t take place until a top general reports on the war’s progress in September.  Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama says a reduction will have to wait until General David Petraeus […]

Marion police investigate mugging

Police in Marion are investigating a strong-armed robbery.  They say three men attacked another man as he was walking home early Sunday morning.  The victim says he left home to go to a nearby gas station, but found it was closed.  As he was going back home, he was reportedly knocked to the ground and […]

Weather Radio law takes effect July 1

Experts are hopeful a new state law to require weather radios in mobile homes is the first step in a list of needed improvements to keep residents safe when tornadoes and other storms hit Indiana.  Mobile Homes in Indiana will be required to have weather radios installed after June 30th. The bill was created by […]

Law hopes to reduce scrap metal theft

Authorities are hoping a new state law will help police crack down on scrap metal theft.  The measure was created in response to the increasing prices of copper, aluminum and other metals.  The law will require scrap metal recyclers to keep records of customers who sell metals used regularly in construction.

Top education official says students should read over summer break

The state school superintendent wants students to continue reading this summer vacation.  Dr. Suellen Reed has created a summer book list with recommendations for all ages.  She says summer reading can help students in reading and other school subjects.  Her recommendations include over 150 fiction and non-fiction books suggested by teachers for each grade level.

Iran, U.S. end 27-year drought between talks

A 27-year diplomatic freeze between Iran and the United States was broken yesterday during a four-hour meeting about security in Iraq.  The American envoy says a broad policy was made, however, Iran has to stop arming and financing militants that are attacking both U.S. and Iraqi Forces.  The meeting took place in the Green Zone […]

IMPD motorcycle officers recovering after being hit by motorists

Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers are recovering from minor injuries suffered while working at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway over the weekend.  The two were motorcycle officers who were hit by motorists.  Authorities say about 70 people were arrested as they went to and from the track.  Most of those arrested were involved with public intoxication.

Two-track strategy planned by U.S. with Iran

The United States is planning a two-track strategy with Iran.  The proposal shows the high stakes of any engagement with a nation that President Bush says is funding terrorism and is secretly building a nuclear bomb.  Talks today in Baghdad are one element of the plan, solely aimed at covering Iraq with U.S. and Iranian […]

U.S. troops rescue 42 Iraqi captives

42 kidnapped Iraqis were rescued by American forces on Sunday.  The U.S. Military says the captives were freed during a raid on an al-Qaida hideout north of Baghdad. They say some of the victims were hung from ceilings and tortured for months.  Military officials are saying the operation shows that Iraqi residents in the Divala […]