Federal grant to aid students in algebra

Winchester school officials say a $500 thousand grant will help teachers guide students through certain areas of study in school.  The grant will involve a three-year process of extra summertime training for teachers a part of four school corporations in Randolph County.  The federal grant is designed to help students in grades kindergarten through ninth grade in the specific area of algebra, in order to raise those student’s math scores.

Muncie man faces up to 65 years in murder conviction

26-year-old James D. Roberson III is facing up to 65 years in prison after a jury found him guilty late Wednesday night.  Roberson was convicted of killing 22-year-old Antron Young in march of 2006 in front of a Village Pantry on Muncie’s east side. Although Roberson’s attorneys argued he killed Young in self defense, prosecutors say a punch to the face did not warrant deadly force. The verdict was reached before midnight in Delaware Circuit Court four.

Minimum wage bill passes senate committee

Legislation that would link Indiana’s state minimum wage to the federal rate cleared a senate committee yesterday.  The House Pensions and Labor Committee included a link in a house bill to raise the state minimum wage to $7.50 per hour by 2008.  The state’s current minimum wage of $5.15 per hour, but state law does not require the amounts to be the same.  Congress is currently debating a law to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 per hour over the next two years.  If both the federal and state bills pass in its amended form, the Indiana rate would increase to the same level and match any future federal raises.

Indianapolis Police: 'Woman burned intentionally'

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are investigating the severe burning of a woman as an intentional act.  33-year-old Nupur Srivastava sustained third-degree burns over 80 percent of her body and is in critical condition at Wishard memorial hospital.  Her 33-year old boyfriend Michael Wilson also suffered burns and is in fair condition at Wishard as well.  Police say Wilson claims he was trying to light an outdoor grill, even though a plastic rain cover was still covering the grill.  Metropolitan Police Spokesman Doug Scheffel says a gasoline can and a lighter were found in the back of the home.

Mistreated dogs found in Hamilton County

Nine malnourished and abandoned pit bulls were discovered yesterday in Hamilton County.  The discovery led to an investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.  Animal control officer Tom Rogers says the animals were dropped in the Westfield and Noblesville areas over the past three months and may have been used in illegal dog fights.  Rogers says the dogs are believed to have been owned by one person due to the fact they all were wearing two-inch wide canvas collars and a large metal buckle made by the same manufacturer.  Most of the dogs have been adopted and taken to the Hamilton County Animal Shelter.

T-com department recieves top honor

The Indiana Association of School Broadcasters named Ball State University TV school of the year.  The organization’s top honor was presented to the university for students or groups representing the telecommunications department at the 2007 IASB college competition.  The department won 12 awards, which included nine individual student awards and three student organization awards.

Data shows local schools not making progress

New data released by the Indiana Department of Education on Wednesday shows more than half of Indiana schools made yearly progress required by federal law in 2006.  However, 44 local schools failed to make “adequate yearly progress,” orAYP, as required under the no child left behind act.  Schools and school corporations that do not make AYP face restructuring plans that could include staff and principal replacement, as well opening charter schools or having the state take over.

High-end dealership coming to Anderson

An Indianapolis based car dealership is moving to Anderson.  Indy imports, a high-end luxury used car dealership, plans on opening April 14 on Scatterfield road.  Co-owners Joe robins and Myo Thein say they are hoping to tap into a nice currently not present in Anderson.  The auto dealer will sell luxury cars such as Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and Lexus just to name a few.

Bayh supporting middle class opportunity act

State senator Evan Bayh is touting the Middle Class Opportunity Act.  The legislation could double the child tax credit in the first year.  The bill would also expand the dependent care tax credit to offer a full 35 percent for families earning up to $100 thousand per year.  Bayh says the bill would cost about $20 billion over a four year time span and is cautiously optimistic the legislation will be passed.

Civil Rights leader dies after car crash near Valparaiso

A Northwest Indiana civil rights activist and his wife are dead after a car accident near Valparaiso.  Police say 96-year-old Clifford Minton and his wife, 95-year-old Alma Minton died when their car went off the road and into Lake Louise.  Minton was the executive director of the Gary urban league from 1949 to 1969.  He was also a U.S. Government civil rights administrator and a staff member of the White House based president’s committee on man power.