Property tax restructuring could lower bills 5%

Property tax restructuring is still alive in the senate as of Tuesday.  A panel endorsed a plan to end the state’s practice of subsidizing local property taxes and allow counties to rather use income taxes to fund future spending growth.  Senate Tax Chairman Luke Kenley says the new plan would increase homestead credit eight percent for property taxes paid this year.  Sponsors of the bill say the increase would reduce homeowner bills by an average of five percent this year.

Assistance fund set up to aid children of slain mother

Huntington Bank will be taking donations to help the children of a shooting victim in Indianapolis.  The Jamrita Mitchell Assistance Fund will be accepted at any branch and was established by Rock of Faith Church and Pathway to the Future Learning Center in Indy.  The 22-year-old mother of three was gunned down by a stray bullet inside her apartment Saturday night.

Two Madison County cities join forces

Two local cities are joining forces to speed up the recovery time from recent disasters and to help prevent future disasters.  Anderson and Alexandria officials have forged a partnership in order to benefit disaster recovery and prevention.  Jeremy Van Erman and John Kinley went before the Madison County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, hoping to get approval for grant funding.

Dunkirk nursing home faces wrongful death lawsuit

The family of the late Norma Davenport has filed a wrongful death suit against a nursing home in Dunkirk.  The family’s personal representative Carol George alleges in the lawsuit against miller’s merry manor that nursing home staff did not provide adequate care to davenport, causing her death in February of 2003.  An unspecified amount for damages is being sought after by George, as well as all costs related to the suit and other relief.

Police want parents held responsible for curfew violations

Anderson police are looking to hold parents responsible if their children are caught out past curfew.  The current state law requires teenagers ages 15-17 to be home by midnight or 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  Kids under the age of 15 must be home by 11:00 p.m. every day.  When kids are caught breaking the curfew law, they end up in juvenile court and parents in Anderson do not receive any punishment.

Unemployment rates on the rise

Unemployment in the Muncie area is on the rise.  According to numbers released by the Indiana workforce development, the unemployment rate in Muncie and Delaware County was up 6.1 percent in February.  Those numbers are up .7 percent from December.  The overall unemployment rate for Indiana was 4.7 percent in February.

Same sex marriage ban defeated

An amendment to ban same sex marriage was defeated yesterday by the house rules and legislative procedure committee after a 5-5 vote.  The amendment is killed for this year, but the issue could return for a second vote next year.  Democrats who voted against the amendment say they had no issues with the first part of the bill, but had concerns about the second section.  House Democrat Dan parker says the vote was to protect vulnerable Hoosiers and promote job growth.