Indy concert venue adds stage, seating for summer line-up

A new stage and seating for premium ticket buyers are being added at an Indianapolis concert venue.  The Lawn at White River state park is hoping to raise its profile by adding a 60-foot by 63-foot seasonal stage to be used through august.  800 reserved seats will be added to the nearest part of the stage, and 240 seats on a tiered structure will be built in the center of the facility. Park officials say the stage should be complete later this week.

Property owners face big tax increases this summer

Property owners should expect to see an average tax increase of almost 24 percent this summer.  Lawmakers and experts had originally estimated property tax bills to rise only 15 percent. However, those numbers have changed based on updated assessed value information from one-third of Indiana’s 92 counties.  Republican representative Jeffery Espich says he hopes the General Assembly can resolve the property tax situation before the session ends this Sunday.

Upland firefighter's death ruled accidental

A fire that claimed the life of an Upland Volunteer Firefighter has been ruled accidental by the State Fire Marshal’s office. 52-year-old Sidney Hall died on January 5th from asphyxiation after he fell through a floor in the home of a Marion firefighter two days earlier.  Reports indicate Hall was trapped for at least 20 minutes before he was rescued.  An investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s office showed now indication that Hall’s equipment failed in any way during the fire.

Delaware County judge appointed in neglect case

A Delaware County Judge has been named to the neglect cases of three Brander Village Health Care nurses in Marion.  Delaware Circuit Court Three judge Robert Barnet was selected on Monday from a list of special judges after all four Grant County judges asked off the case.  At least one of the Grant County judges had prior knowledge of the case, because he was a defense attorney for two of the three defendants before becoming a judge.  Charlotte Strickland, Felicia Pauley and Tonja Cottingham are facing felony charges of neglect in the 2004 death of 89-year-old Elsie Hornaday.

Water main break shuts down county offices; jail left without water

A water main break in Marion forced a Grant County office complex to close early, and leave the Grant County Jail without water.  County Administrator Angela banter says the Willis VanDevanter offices had no working water.  The county based their decision to close early based on the fact the restrooms and sinks were not working.  Banter is hopeful the problem will be fixed later today.

Ball State student suing attackers, fraternity

A student at Ball State University is suing a fraternity and his attackers, after he was beaten and left for dead at a party last fall.  Zachary Holsinger says he was attacked by three men in an unprovoked fight at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on Riverside Avenue.  The men then moved his unconscious body from the party and left him for dead.  22-year-old Chad Howard Stickley was arrested and charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury.  The two other men were identified as john does.

Burglary stand-off ends in arrest

A burglary standoff late Monday night ended in one arrest.  36-year-old Charles A. Miller stole a shotgun while burglarizing his ex-wife’s home.  Police say Miller fired the gun as police were arriving, ordering officers to come and get him in the middle of a field.  A SWAT team was then called for by the Delaware County Police as Miller started yelling at officers.  Miller is currently being held at the Delaware County Jail without the possibility of bond.

Plans to move more Arizona inmates on hold for now

Plans to move 600 inmates from Arizona to the new castle correctional facility have been put on hold after a full scale riot on Tuesday.  Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner J. David Donahue says a decision will be made after damage made to the prison can be assessed. Governor Mitch Daniels made a deal earlier this year to bring more than twelve-hundred inmates from the state of Arizona to the facility in new castle, in exchange for $29.4 million.  Authorities believe the riot was the result of a conflict between Indiana and Arizona inmates.

Full scale riot injures two at New Castle Correctional Facility

A full scale riot at the New Castle Correctional Facility Tuesday left two staff members injured.  The riot began around 2 p.m. after prisoners were reported breaking windows and picnic tables.  Other reports say gun shots and fires were coming from within the prison walls.  Authorities believe the riot may have started as a result of a conflict between Indiana and Arizona inmates. However, one worker at the facility says it all started when Arizona inmates arrived to eat wearing improper clothing.

Riot at New Castle prison

New Castle, Indiana – (April 24, 2007) At approximately 2:01pm, a disturbance broke out among offenders at the New Castle Correctional Facility in Henry County, Indiana. This medium-security prison holds adult males from both Indiana and Arizona. It appears that offenders from both states were involved in the disturbance.

Offenders engaged in recreation, and others being escorted from to and from lunch began to resist staff members order to return to their housing units and cells. This demonstration erupted into a demonstration involving approximately 500 of the 1,668 offenders residing at the facility. Offenders began disrobing and destroying facility furnishings and breaking windows.

As the demonstration grew, two staff members received injuries, and were sent outside the facility for treatment.

Facility Emergency Response teams were immediately assembled and activated. The offenders were able to leave their housing units, but were not able to reach the facilities outside security perimeter. To insure the offender demonstration remained inside the interior fence, the Department of Correction activated its Special Emergency Response Teams, and called upon the Indiana State Police to activate its Emergency Response Teams. The Facility also accepted support from County Sheriffs’ Departments and local Police Departments. Tear gas was used to help control the offender population, and when emergency response teams were put in position, most offenders complied with orders to cuff up without resistance.

The event was contained at 4:45 p.m., and all offenders were secured. There were no serious injuries to offenders. Approximately seven offenders received minor injuries, most were eye irritations that needed flushing due to the tear gas. None of the offender injuries required off-site medical treatment.

“We are grateful to the local public safety responders who swiftly reacted to the situation,” said Commissioner J. David Donahue. “New Castle Correctional Facility staff is to be applauded for their ability to handle this difficult situation and their effective emergency operational procedures.”

J. David Donahue, Commissioner of the Department of Correction has arrived to the facility to meet with employees, local officials and concerned community members.

“Thanks to all the law enforcement involved – ISP, Henry County and Henry County Prosecutors Office, NCPD, NC Fire and EMS, Delaware Co Sheriff, Madison Co. Sheriff and SWAT who help insure that the situation was contained,” commented Commissioner J. David Donahue. “The response and support of the community has been overwhelming.”

The Department is currently in the process of investigating the incident, and will be transporting those offenders responsible to more secure disciplinary segregation cells at other facilities. Staff will be assessing the damage to the facility, and making repairs.