Police: Scottsburg resident struck by motorist on I-65

A man found dead on I-65 in Southern Indiana early yesterday is believed to have been hit by a motorist.  Police say the body of 24-year-old Scottsburg resident Tommy Wheeler was found near exit 19 in Clark County.  Authorities believe he had car trouble when he tried to cross the interstate for help and was struck.  However, investigators say they aren’t sure when he was hit.

U.S. Ambassador requests visas for Iraqis

The American ambassador in Baghdad wants the Bush administration to issue immigrant visas to all Iraqis employed by the U.S. government in Iraq.  Ryan Crocker says he made the request because of the growing concern that they might quit and leave the country if they aren’t assured a safe an eventual passage to the United States.

Anderson wants international businesses

The City of Anderson launched a Japanese web site in the hopes of attracting international business to the city.  Mayor Kevin Smith says they want Japanese employers to know that his city is willing to go the distance to make them welcome to work and live in Anderson.  The site includes a welcome letter from Smith, city information, possible business sites and economic incentives for making an investment in the city.

More canned meat recalled by Georgia company

A recall of canned meat was expanded by a Georgia meat processor on Saturday.  Officials from Castleberry Foods say more than 80 brands of canned chili, beef stew, corned beef hash and other meat products might be linked to an outbreak of botulism.  Botulism can cause paralysis of the muscles caused by a toxin made by bacteria commonly found in soil.

Judge's ruling upheld by state

A Delaware County Judge’s sentence was upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals last week.  24-year-old Alvin Quanza  Buchanan will serve a 55-year prison sentence handed out by Judge John Feick. Buchanan pleaded guilty last year to voluntary manslaughter and attempted armed robbery in Delaware Circuit Court four after fatally shooting a person during a robbery attempt in December of 2004.

$40 million hotel planned for downtown Indy

A 40-million dollar, 24-story hotel is one of 10 projects proposed for downtown Indianapolis close to the new Colts stadium and convention center.  The high-rise building would likely be built across from Lucas Oil Stadium, which is set to open next August.  The hotel would feature 200 rooms, seven parking levels as well as a restaurant.