Northern Indiana fire departments seek payments

The costs of responding to crashes on the Indiana Toll Road have some local fire departments asking the highway’s private operator to help pay the bill. ITR Concession Company has returned bills sent by the Bristol Fire Department unpaid. ITR officials say that the individuals involved in accidents should pay for emergency services. The stance is not without precedent, as the State had already stopped paying back local fire departments for highway emergency response over 20 years ago. One big change has come for the Elkhart Fire Department, which previously was still paid by the state for hazardous materials spill responses, an agreement which does not exist with ITR.

Fourth terror suspect turns in self

A Guyanan man turned himself into Trinidad and Tobago authorities Tuesday. Abdel Nur was the last of four suspects in a plot to bomb New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to be apprehended. US authorities report Nur is an associate of Jamaat al Muslimeen, a Muslim organization behind a 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad and Tobago. The extradition process to bring Nur and fellow suspects Kareem Ibrahim and Abdul Kadir to the United States is underway.

Missing girl found safe

A 9-year old Allen County girl reported missing late Monday was found safe at her aunt’s New Haven home Tuesday morning. Allen County Sheriff’s Department officials are unsure as to how Julia Kuhn got from her home near Ft. Wayne to the 16 miles distant home of her aunt. It is known that Julia was last seen with her brothers seeking shelter in a barn to elude an approaching storm and that she did not return home with the brothers after the storm. An investigation is ongoing.

Man evades police by hiding in dryer

An Anderson man sought by police after a domestic disturbance tried, unsuccessfully, to evade the police with a unique plan, by hiding in a clothes dryer. Samuel Martin was alleged to have made threats and broken glass in a Meridian Street home late Monday night. When police arrived on the scene, Martin, a man of small stature at 5 foot 4 inches, fled into the house was later discovered by officers crouched inside the dryer. Though not charged with eluding authorities, Martin was charged with a possession count after police reported finding a painkiller in his pocket.

Recount decision still pending

A decision is expected next week on a recount and contest to the May 8th Anderson City Council election. Former Democrat candidate Antony Bibbs has petitioned for the recount after loosing by a small margin, however the Madison County Election Board objected at a hearing, arguing the petition didn’t comply with state law on recounts, as the wording wasn’t specific to the letter of the law. Mark King, attorney for Bibbs, argued that the spirit and intent of the petition should allow it to be accepted. Circuit Court Judge Fredrick Spencer will deliver his ruling on the petition issue next week.

Another suspect in teen's murder detained

A fourth suspect has been arrested by Muncie Police in connection to the shooting of a Muncie teenager. A 16 year old boy was arrested on Second Street between Madison and Vine late Tuesday. The shooting on May 30th left 15-year-old Daiwaun Walton, an innocent bystander, with a fatal wound. Walton was the only person injured in the shootout. The 16-year-old suspect will initially be held as a juvenile on criminal recklessness charges, while investigators continue to sort out the details of the shooting. It is still unknown who fired the fatal shot.

Car accident at lake kills teen driver

A Centerville teenager is dead today after he drove his car over a boat ramp and into Brookville Lake. Authorities report that 17 year old Trey Kidwell was lost when he driving near State Road 101 on a side road that lead to the Fairfield Ramp into the lake. Passenger Robert Sharp was able to escape the car and reach a nearby house, where he called 911. Authorities found Kidwell and the submerged car around 12:30 am early Tuesday morning.

Delaware County Gambling Crackdown Imminent

Delaware County Commissioners warned at a meeting last night that a gambling crackdown is coming.  This enforcement action comes following last year’s arrest of John Neal on money laundering and video gambling charges.  Raids at that time led to the shutdown of several bars in Delaware, Madison, and Henry counties.  Many of those establishments are still closed.

Alexandria Man Facing 12 Years in Prison

An Alexandria man faces up to 12 years in prison when he is sentenced for driving with a blood-alcohol content over three times Indiana’s legal limit when he caused a crash that injured his two children.  32-year old Charles J. Heater pleaded guilty Monday in Madison Superior Court 1 to two counts of neglect of a dependent, both Class C felonies; possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony; driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 percent or more, a Class A misdemeanor; and being a habitual substance offender.

City of Muncie Needs Another Loan

The City of Muncie needs to borrow another $3 million dollars, after earlier borrowing $6 million dollars.  The City Council suspended the rules las night to approve the loan.  Part of the cash flow problem for the city is that spring property taxes were not collection on time due to re-assessment.   Property owners has of yet not received their property tax bills.