Web-Based School Alert System

A web-based School Alert system is about to launch in its first school system.  My School Alert, which is designed to send messages from school officials to parents about weather delays, meetings, and canceled team practices, will be tested at The Monroe Central School Corp in Randolph County.  If the test is a success, My School Alert will be implemented in many other schools.


The filming for the Reality Show Armed and Famous finished up yesterday at Muncie City Hall.  As a farewell gift from the Celebrities, the Muncie Police Department was given 3 Hummer H3’s.  The spare tire and roofs were emblazoned with the Armed & Famous insignia, while the sides read Muncie Police. The hummers run around $30,000 a piece, not including all the police accessories that were added.  Winkle said he would meet with other department leaders next week to determine how the Hummers can be best used.

BSU Deadline Approaching

Ball State students have until Friday to meet late registration deadlines at the university.  Ball State’s spring semester began Monday.  After Friday, the university will begin charging a $30 fee to any enrolled student who registers for a class that is not an evening or weekend course.  Also, Tuesday marks the last day for students to withdraw from spring semester and receive a 100 percent refund of registration fees.

Armed & Famous lost a police-issued shotgun

Producers for the CBS reality show Armed & Famous lost a police-issue shotgun after using it for publicity photos.  Producers reported to police that the gun had been stolen from the Roberts Hotel on Dec. 16, the day they noticed it missing.  Winkle said the gun, a 12-gauge Remington 870, was not loaded and was used as a  prop  for promotional purposes.  The producers of the reality show filed a normal theft report.

Senator robbed yesterday in Indianapolis

Senator Sue Errington was robbed yesterday in Indianapolis.  Two men, one who was armed with a pistol, mugged Errington about 9:30 p.m. Monday at CVS as she was going to her car. One of the robbers hit Errington in the eye with his fist as she clutched her purse, knocking her to the ground. Errington was treated and released at St. Vincent Hospital, receiving seven stitches on her eyelid for a cut. Also, she received a fracture, that did not require surgery.

Some Southside students have new classrooms

Some Muncie Southside students have new classroom assignments.  The school started using the newly built 16-classroom transitional building yesterday.  The new building will be used as classrooms in the main building are renovated. After all renovations have been complete, the building will be used as a gymnasium. Work is scheduled to be complete in 2008.

Man gets 55 years in prison, says it was self defence

A man who claims he shot another man in self-defense was sentenced to a 55-year prison term Monday. 22-year-old Orlando Branson shot Marco Hampton on November 13th, 2005 in the victim’s East Jackson Street apartment. Authorities said Hampton was in the process of selling marijuana to Branson when Hampton reportedly told Branson something was wrong with the cash and gunfire broke out. Branson still maintains that the shooting was self defense.

Traffic Fatalities down in Indiana

Traffic fatalities have continued a downward trend the last 3 years in Indiana.  A provisional count shows 868 people died in traffic crashes this year.  This figure compares to 938 killed in 2005 and 947 killed in 2004.  Law enforcement officials believe the downward spiral can be attributed to more than one factor.  Seat belt usage is up across Indiana, dedicated patrol efforts on high accident ratio roadways, education, and more median dividers erected on interstates to help prevent cross-over head-on collisions.

Man gets 16 years, over dirty frying pan

A Muncie man received 16 years in prison after shooting a neighbor. The whole incident started over a dirty frying pan. 36 year-old Daniel Bollinger shot 46 year-old Ernest Ball, after Ball’s wife was doing the dishes in Bollinger’s bathroom sink. When Bollinger found a grease ring on the toilet from a dirty frying pan, the two men got in a argument, and Ball was shot in the side with a handgun. Ball had to undergo surgery at Ball Memorial Hospital.