State faces possible lawsuit over crackdown on gambling machines

Business owners across the state say they may sue Indiana over a crackdown on video gambling machines. They say the state law that took effect at the beginning of the month is unconstitutional. The ordinance provides the state with 16 extra Excise Officers to go after the machines known as “Cherry Masters”. However, some of the owners say their operations depend in part on the devices.

Two teens shot in Madison County

Two Madison County teenagers were shot after they turned into the wrong driveway on Indiana 9 on Saturday near County Road 600 North. Kelsey Beaty and Kristin Waecter were on their way to visit a friend and thought they had gone to the right house.  But after they called that friend and were told they weren’t at the correct location, a man came out with a shotgun and opened fire on the girls vehicle.  Mike Waechter says his daughter, Kristin, suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Motorcyclist LifeLined to Ft. Wayne Hospital

A 46-year-old man involved in a three motorcycle crash in Grant County was LifeLined to a Fort Wayne Hospital after he sustained head trauma.  Parkview Hospital officials say Eugene Small was in critical condition.  Authorities say Small was riding with Kenneth Cark and David Cohen on a Grant County road when his bike sideswiped Clark and rear ended Cohen.  Both Cark and Small went off the road and landed in a ditch.

Dairy operation not coming to Grant County

It appears a large dairy operation will not be headed to Van Buren, even though the Grant County Area Plan Commission approved the expansion of two existing CAFO plants.  Officials from Vrbea-Hoff say they’re moving on from a proposed 22-hundred cow dairy since an ordinance regulating CAFOs went into effect earlier this year.  The company says they do not plan to take any legal action against the county over the ordinance.

Van Buren man protests war memorial

A Van Buren man is protesting the Grant County Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the county courthouse.  Jack Corn says the memorial should only honor the names of those who were killed in the war and not include those who served during the Vietnam Era. Corn says he isn’t sure when the one-man protest would end.

Crop-duster pilot killed in crash

A first-year crop duster pilot was killed when his plane crashed on Sunday.  Agriflite Services say 24-year-old Russell Stroup of Bristol, Indiana died after his plane crashed into some trees near Mishawaka.  Owner David Eby says the flight was going fine and that he spoke to him by radio just minutes before the accident.

Senior citizen attacked by pit-bull

An elderly Hartford City woman was attacked by a pit-bull as she attempted to put the animal back in her neighbor’s yard.  Jayne Kovacs says Sandra Miller was attacked by another neighbor’s dog and bitten around her face and arms.  The dog, owned by Miller’s other neighbor Leonard Stevens, was shot by Hartford City Police Captain Greg Bonewit.  He says the animal tried to attack him as he was attempting to keep it away from Miller.

State ends fiscal year with surplus

Indiana finished the fiscal year with a 1.28-billion dollar surplus. However, state officials say most of the money will go into a rainy day savings account, as well as other reserve funds.  The new two-year budget puts about half of the remaining 537-million dollars to repay back payments owed to local governments.

Infant found eating cat food, chewing on stick

A Muncie man was arrested for public intoxication Sunday night.  Muncie Police officer Chris Kesler says 36-year-old Gregory Lambdin was found drunk in a person’s yard on 23rd Street. Police reports indicate a 10-month-old boy was supposed to under Lambdin’s supervision and that the infant was found chewing on a stick and eating cat food off the ground.