Bernie Does Not Quit

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t quit even though it appeared he was mathematically out of the race for his party’s nomination. Sanders campaigned in Evansville Monday morning and spoke at a rally on Monument Circle in Indianapolis last night. Hillary Clinton made what her final campaign trip to the state on Sunday.

Pick A Party At The Polls

When voters head to the polls today, they will find races – from president on down – on their Democratic Party or Republican Party ballot. Polling places are open until 6 p.m. statewide. To vote, you must be registered and have a valid photo ID that you can show at the polling place. Many local […]

Bomb Threat At The County Building

One person is in custody after a bomb threat at the Madison County Government Center Monday afternoon. The Sheriff says the threat was made by phone call to the Madison County Clerk’s Office about 12:45 p.m. by a male caller from outside the building. About 80 percent of the building’s occupants were evacuated. The government […]

Driver Admits Fault In Fatal Crash

An accused drunk driver admitted in court Monday he drank about 10 beers before crashing into a moped and killing it’s driver. Benjamin Brand’s blood alcohol was .24, three times the legal limit. The July crash killed 18-year-old Mason Wolfe and injured his passenger. The judge will sentence Brand on June 23rd. He has a […]

Suspect In Fatal Hit & Run In Custody

A 16-year old girl was killed in a hit and run early Thursday and police now have a suspect in custody. 20-year-old Pedro G. Garcia, of Marion, is being held in connection with the fatal hit-and-run. The coroner says the victim, 16-year-old Reamey M. Bell of Sweetser, was struck and pinned against another vehicle. She […]